IJoy Limitless RDTA PLUS

IJoy Limitless RDTA PLUS

The IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus is the new version of Limitless RDTA. It inherits some features of previous IJOY limitless RDTA, while also makes some improvements. The 6.3ml big capacity and innovative juice side filling design will bring you with a perfect vaping experience. What is more, the upgraded 2 post deck with 2.5mm post holes and 11mm post distance makes it easier to build.


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بواسطة (., Kuwait) في 21 Nov 2016 (IJoy Limitless RDTA PLUS) :


I've got 2 of these now, inspite of ordering the black one, Cloudy called and informed that black was out of stock...still went ahead with another colour. Cuz its that damn good. A must have for all you Drippers and Sub-Ohmers. Gives u the best of both worlds. Thanks Cloudy.

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