What are Electronic Cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers) are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are battery-operated devices that create an inhalable, water-based mist instead of smoke. The rechargeable battery powers a heating element called an "atomizer." The element uses low heat to turn liquid in the cartridge, which contains propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavoring and nicotine/non-nicotine, into a fog-like mist. Propylene glycol is used for several reasons. First, it allows nicotine to be dissolved within it and is bactericidal. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, when vaporized, it creates a visible, white smoke-like vapor that provides the user a feeling of actually smoking a tobacco cigarette product.

However, there are important differences. First, the electronic cigarette’s vaporization process produces a liquid vapor – not smoke. In other words, vapor is composed of tiny liquid (water and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin molecules) that behave like smoke but are not actual smoke.

By contrast, tobacco cigarettes are burned and the smoke tobacco cigarettes produce is composed of both a very hot, dangerous gas (carbon monoxide, also found in automobile exhaust) as well as solid materials (e.g. ash and tar). The “ash” from tobacco cigarette smoke is caused by the incomplete combustion or burning of the cigarette paper (a highly-chemically treated wood product) and the tobacco leaf.

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence and even some scientific research surveys that strongly indicate that e-cigarettes are an effective alternative to smoking. Surveys show that up to 80% of e-cigarette users quit smoking traditional cigarettes while using e-cigarettes.

However, while some users have gradually reduced the nicotine levels down to zero, the majority of e-cigarette users treat the devices as an alternate source of nicotine and not as a nicotine cessation program. So there is not as much scientific evidence yet that show how effective e-cigarettes are when used to treat or cure nicotine addiction. Yet, anecdotal reports by users who have used e-cigarettes as a way to wean from nicotine also indicates they seem to be very effective way to break smoking triggers and dramatically reduce nicotine levels.

The good news is, nicotine by itself has very low health risks, so switching to e-cigarettes can be nearly as good as quitting altogether. The most important thing for those who cannot or will not quit nicotine to do is to stop the exposure to the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke and e-cigarettes can help them do it. 


Can I smoke my Electronic Cigarette in places where smoking is prohibited?
Electronic Cigarettes is not a traditional cigarette and does not burn tobacco, so it can be smoked in restaurants, planes and offices and other places where normal smoking bans are in effect..Electronic Cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are not lit; therefore, they are not included in a Smoking Ban. Products only produce water vapor making them ideal to smoke at many indoor and outdoor locations.


What is eGo e-cigarette?
It’s a type of electronic cigarettes and they are manufactured in several factories and models and different colors. Available in several capacities of battery.


What are the e-cigarette components?
Battery, Atomizer, battery charger, e-liquid


What are the Instructions for using the electronic cigarette?
1. Batteries should be charged 3-6 hours before the first use, charger light may turn green from the first minute and that’s because they may be charged from the factory, but we recommend to re-charge it again
2. Batteries should be charged 3 hours after each use
3. Atomizers should be filled up top line before the first use
4. Must keep the atomizer filled for 30 minutes before the first use to leak the flavour inside the burner
5. To turn on the e-cigarette, press the e-cig button 5 times within 2 seconds
6. For smoking, press the e-cig button and start smoking
7. To turn off the e-cigarette, press the e-cig button 5 times again within 2 seconds


What are e-cigarette types?
1. Traditional e-cigarette
2. VV
3. PCC
4. Disposable

Traditional e-cigarette: Are the most common and widely used in the world and the best is “eGo”. It comes with constant voltage from 3.7V to 4.2V so it couldn’t be change.

VV: Are the developed e-cigarette and You can adjust the voltage and ohm/ wattage to increase or reduce the vapor or the atomizer type to satisfy your most vaping need.. Often comes in different shapes and sizes.

PCC: This cigarette are looking like the traditional cigarette in the size and shape, contains a USB charger, cannot be refilled so as to change the disposable flavor. And could be charges through the battery.

Disposable e-cig: Are the e-cig that cannot be refilled or change its flavor, are used until end of the puffs. Comes pre-filled with different flavors and nicotine levels, often give around 300-1800 puffs depend to its size.


What is the origin of electronic cigarettes?
Most of e-cigarette are Chinese made due to the cheap cost and manpower, and there are one American Company 100% called Provape which manufactures Provari e-cig, but it’s very expensive as the price of a cigarette without the extensions is around KD 80



Atomizer/ Cartomizer/ Cartridges

What is a Cartomizer/ Atomizer?
The word “cartomizer” stands for “cartridge” and “atomizer.” The atomizer also called filter, is a tank and there is a burner inside to drip the e-liquid into, and install in the top of e-cigarette. The cartridge holds the smoking liquid and the atomizer which vaporizes the liquid into a smooth, flavorful vapor and provides an incredibly rich flavor, and extremely high smoke volume. Available in a different sizes and different oHm power level. The most oHm power used is 2.4 that needs 3.7 to 4 voltage to turn it on and run the best density of vapor and favor taste


What is the filter life span?
The filter life span is 5-10 days before replace it due to consumption, the intensive smoking reduces the filter life and starts the burns taste and change the flavor taste, then you should change the atomizer/ filter..


What is the difference between the Atomaizr, Cartomizer and the cartridge?
Atomizer is a cartridge to fill e-liquid flavor inside and consists of 3 pieces tank, Coil head and drip tip (example: CE4 Atomizer)> Some Atomizers are composed of two pieces the tank and drip tip in one piece, and coil head. Atomizers are more expensive than Cartomizer and a larger capacity to fill e-liquid flavor (example: GSH2 Atomizers)

Cartomizer is a combined of two part (cartridge and the atomizer) and dual coil. Cartomizer cost is less than Atomizers and the capacity of the tank is less than Atomizers and in the same time it’s more capacity than Cartridge. (Example: 510 Cartomizer )

Cartridge is a tube to be filled by e-liquid and available in two types, disposable cartridge and pre-filled. (Example: Joyetech Cartridge)  


What should I do if the eLiquid is leaking, have a burning taste or a decrease in the smoke volume after a period of use?
You must replace the coil head of the atomizer or cartomizer, whereas if you are using the cartridge you must replace the cartridge itself.


How do I fill my Atomizer /Cartomizer  with E-liquid?
There are many ways to add e-liquid to your cartridge. We will be highlighting the most commonly used method.
 Fill the e-liquid to the e-cigarette eGo CE4/CE5 Cartomizer.
Step 1: Unscrew the inhaler tip from the cartomizer/ atomizer.
Step 2: Using an e-liquid bottle or syringe, fill the cartomizer / atomizer by inserting e-liquid down the side wall (Do not fill e-liquid in the center hole, that is for air flow).


How do I get the full value from my Atomizer /Cartomizer?
Since a Atomizer/ Cartomizer has an air pathway from one side to the other, it is best to store it on its side, to minimize the chance of the vapor liquid pooling to either side. While it is rare, there is a slight chance of causing a leak if the cartomizer is stored on one of its ends. When storing long term, it is highly recommended to keep the cartomizers in a very cool, dry place.


Can I clean my Atomizer/ Cartomizer?
Some people clean their cartridges to extend their life or if they want to change flavors. There are many ways to do this including cleaning, washing and boiling them. You can also remove and replace the filler. Check Youtube for demonstrations on how to do this.




Coil Head


What is the coil head?
It’s a burner to vaporize the e-liquid into a smooth, flavorful vapor. Available in a different sizes and different oHm power level. The most oHm power used is 2.4 that needs 3.7 to 4.2 voltage to turn it on and run the best density of vapor and favor taste


Can I use the same model of coil head for all Atomizers?
You can’t use the same coil head for all Atomizers, for example: the 510 coil heads is compatible with 510 atomizers.


What is the oHm?
It’s the coil head Resistance to vaporize the e-liquid into a smooth, the more resistance you use, the best density of vapor you will get.





How does the e cigarette work?
All electronic cigarettes are working by charging batteries, the batteries different from others in size; shape and capacity, the larger size of the battery have more number of puffs, but it does not mean increase the vapour density. There are many types of batteries that cannot be changed and some types can be changed called MOD.


How do I charge my battery?
To charge the battery all you do is unscrew the cartridge from the end of the e-cig. Then you place the end of the battery (connector side) into the charger. The light on the battery will blink 3 times signaling it is ready to start, and then it will begin charging. Once the light on the charger turns green, it’s ready to use.


Do I need to turn my battery on and off?
No need. e-cigarette has a built in sensor which activates when you inhale, and turns itself off when not in use. e-cigarette was designed this way so you could enjoy a fluid smoking experience and use them just like a traditional cigarette. To maximize battery life it is recommended to unscrew the cartomizer from the e-cigarette battery when not in use.


Should I charge my battery before I use it?
You must charge the battery before using it for the first time for 3 hours


Can I leave my battery plugged in to charge overnight?
Removing the electronic cigarette battery from the charger as soon as its light turns green will dramatically increase the lifespan of your battery.


What is the best way to care for my battery?
Remember to remove it from the charger when it's fully charged, to unscrew the cartomizer if you will not be using the electronic cigarette for an extended period of time, and to carry them around in a protective case.  It's also recommended to charge them BEFORE they are totally drained.  When you feel your battery getting a bit weak, just switch to a backup, charged battery and charge the weak one – you will actually increase the battery’s life if you don't run it totally down.  This will ensure that your batteries last as long as they should.




What are the ingredients in E-liquid?
E-liquid contains only a few ingredients. Propylene Glycol or PG based liquids contain mostly propylene glycol, which produces the vapor emitted by the electronic cigarette and it is the carrier of the nicotine, another ingredient in E-liquid (if you choose a liquid with nicotine). Propylene glycol is considered generally safe for human consumption by the FDA “Food and Drug Administration”, and is an ingredient in many food items that we eat. It is also found in shampoos, soaps, and medicines. E-liquid also contains water and artificial flavorings. In rare cases, allergies to PG have been reported, so E-liquids are also sold that do not contain it. They use vegetable glycerin, or VG, which is a plant based substance. VG is used in many products that moisturize and clean the skin and is made from coconut or palm oil. In rare instances, people report allergies to PG and may use VG based E-liquid as an alternative. E-liquid also contains some natural extracts from tobacco in small amounts and natural flavorings.


E-liquid contains nicotine. Is it safe?
The use of the electronic cigarette is not intended for those who don't already smoke traditional cigarettes. That being said, your cigarette already contains nicotine. While nicotine is an addictive substance, it is non-carcinogenic. It does not cause cancer. In fact, some studies have indicated that nicotine actually has some health benefits, such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. It is many other chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer. Besides the nicotine, e-liquid contains ingredients that are considered generally safe for human consumption by the FDA. However, if you are sensitive to nicotine, or have conditions that are aggravated by the use of nicotine, for example, strokes, heart attacks, pregnancy, etc., you should not use any nicotine product. You should consult your doctor before using products that contain nicotine.


How many times can I refill my e-cigs cartridges?
Atomizers/Cartomizers can be refilled from 300 times depending on several factors including voltage, vaping style and type of e-juice. Refill as soon as the vapor amount is reduced or the flavor starts to change. To maintain your cartridges, don’t let them dry out. Dry cartridges can burn and ruin the taste. It is not recommended to re-use a cartridge once it has a “burnt” taste.


Which nicotine level should you get if you smoke?
• Customers compare the levels to the following:
• Strong (2.4%) 24mg – Compare to a strong cigarette
• Full (1.8%) 18mg – Compare to a full flavored cigarette.
• Light (1.2%) 12mg – Compare to a light cigarette
• Ultra Light (.6%) 6mg – Compare to an ultra light cigarette.
• Zero (0%) – Same great taste - with zero nicotine.

Because electronic cigarettes are different than traditional cigarettes, you might need to try a few different nicotine levels until you find the one that provides the strength that you are used to.  If you want to enjoy the great flavor of our electronic cigarettes without any nicotine, try our zero nicotine level, which is available in all of our flavors.


What if I mix the flavors?
If you add a new flavor of e-liquid to a prefilled cartridge without cleaning, the flavors will mix. Use your imagination to create your own custom flavor! Adding Menthol to a chocolate cartridge will produce a chocolate mint. Make vanilla mint by adding menthol or peppermint to a vanilla prefilled cartridge.


Why use E-liquid?
• E-liquid is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly
• E-liquid is less expensive than pre-filled cartridges and saves money
• Ideal for people who have repeat problem with their cartridges losing “taste”
• It gives you more control over product performance
• It can give you more vapor and better taste


The eCigarettes, eLiquids and all accessories have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any international health organization. The eCigs products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. The eCigs products are intended for use by persons of legal smoke age over 21, not by nonsmokers, or children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. eLiquid ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors and nicotine/non-nicotine. Nicotine is addictive and habit forming; very toxic if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if contact with skin or eye. Wash immediately with plenty of water. Very harmful if swallowed. Seek medical advice immediately (Show label were possible)


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